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Fish hard or go home!
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BayFish NZ   

Bay of Islands and 3 Kings Fishing charters

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DEPART : 06:00am

WHERE: : Paihia

RETURN : 1300 or after

COST      : $280 / passenger or 

                  $1120 Sole charter

Board the boat at the crack of dawn, head out to catch a tank of livies then we power to the outer reefs of the Bay. The excitement builds as you put the tackle over the side and down to the zone where the kingis are hanging out. We drop jigs down to the level the kings are feeding and as you crank and lift, hold on, this is hard but extreme fun!

Hang on as the hoodlum bites and heads to the bottom to break you off. Now it's up to you as Capt Rob guides you through the best techniques. Good luck! Most fish are landed but some are just too bad arse! That's KINGFISHING!

Monster Yellowtail kingfish
KINGFISH pound for pound fight like no other fish that swim the waters of the Bay of Islands and are found in large schools on the reefs we hunt.


WHEN    : 0700am

WHERE  : Paihia, Russell or Opua

RETURN:1200 noon or after

COST     : $150 / passenger min 7 or

                  sole charter at $1000

We leave the wharf then head out into the Bay of Islands to search the inshore reefs for the most sought after fish in NZ. Snapper school up in mass and breed in the Bay producing NZ's best snapper fisheries. Capt Rob likes to fish two techniques at the same time giving a chance of catching an awesome fish and still getting lots of action. Baits down, get ready as the bites are fast and furious with line peeling action. Snapper fishing bay of islands Style. When landed you can release your fish or bring it back for an incredible feed!

2olb plus trophy snaper
Snapper breed in large numbers during early spring and right through to mid summer. This brings in large Jacks and Doe restocking the Bay with new fish every season.



WHEN     : 0700

WHERE   : Paihia, Russell or Opua

RETURN : 1800

COSTS    : $450 / passenger at 4 Max

                    or $1800 sole charter



 We meet at the wharf and head out to grab some live baits, these are Kohura, Kawahai and live Skipjack Tuna. Then off to the hot spot where the Marlin are feeding. At this area the crew rig up a selection of baits and into the water they are released. The bite can happen quickly as the Shimano Tiagra screams to all and it is game on! Your adrenaline is pumping as you are strapped into the rod and are guided by the experienced team to play your fish. The Bay of Islands has the worlds largest Striped Marlin and Blue Marlin that can be encountered. Your crew will help you land or tag & release your fish. Time to enjoy the moment of victory!
140kg striped marlin

Marlin arrive with the warm water in December and feed on large bait schools found in NZ waters. They hang around outside the Bay feeding on the large bait schools that gather off the Cape Brett area as the East Auckland current mixes with the fresh water enriched Bay of Islands tides. The Marlin gorge until the bait runs out or until the water cools down in May. Usually the latter!

Stay away overnight charters



Three Kings         $2400/day 5 days  


Northland             $2200/day 2 days plus


GUESTS 4 passengers max

Food  $50/per/day


Depart Opua Marina or Houhoura


Three Kings        $6000/day 5 days                            

Northland            $5500/day 2 days plus

GUESTS 8 passengers max

Food   Supplied

Depart Opua Marina or Houhoura

We have the boat and the skill to give you and your friends a stay away fishing adventure of a life time.From 2 to 7 days aboard the MONTEREY or  the BUCKET LIST will give you the opportunity to target multiple species and reach those hard to fish spots of the Northland coast.

Three Kings Islands are located at the top of New Zealand and hold the largest and most abundant fish stocks in the area. With Marlin and Kingfish species going world record in size and numbers this is the anglers haven and a must to visit for those brave and mad fishos.

Northland has a magnificent coast and allows you to chase fish as they feed on the bait schools bringing Marlin bites, Kingfish and snapper thrills and fantastic bays to relax after a long day on the water.The crew on board will look after your needs as they prepare favourite dishes sourced from local produce and the catch of the day.

1000lb Marlin at the 3 Kings
These stay away fishing adventures are able to be totally customized to suit your target species and requirements. Let us make your stay away fishing trip mean! Come Fish the Far North and Three Kings. "New Zealand's best fishing by far."
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