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Bay of Islands and 3 Kings Fishing charters

Three Kings Yellowtail Kingfish, Marlin and Swordfish Charters

3 Kings Charters for the extreme fisherman wanting the best sportfishing and expertise.

Located 35 miles off Cape Rienga at the top of New Zealand lies these magnificant islands and flanked by underwater sea mounts known as the Middlesex and Kings banks.  The complete structure sits above deep water cannons and with this comes the cold currents dwelling up and mixing with the warm surface water that pushes down from the tropics. The banks are 6 and 9 miles long respectivly giving extreme water flow and currents that gather huge amounts of bait fish. 

Predator fish hunt these banks and result in the largest concentrations of fish that are found in New Zealand. These banks are world renowned for having the largest Yellow Tail Kingfish, Striped Marlin,Blue Marlin, Black Marlin,  Hapuka, NZ Bass, Swordfish and a huge amount of reef species that live on the edges of the 3 Kings and its islands. 

The Islands are spectacular in its own right with deep water rigth beside the group but with spectacular reef systems that provide fornomal fishing for Kingi, snapper, tereiki, travelly, John dory and many reef dwellers looking for a feed. The bait are grouped up beside the Islands and allow excellant chance to catch the best live bait being the blue mackrel and at night at anchor the fun of chasing large arrow squid that we do eat and taste good but dropped down on the banks provide an instant bite usally to a massive kingi or marlin, get close to the bottom and its a good chance its a Puka. 

The 3 kings Island provide shelter and cover for the fishing boats that make the passage off the top of the country and is a pleasant sight when the conditions can be a bit challanging. The Great Island is the largest with anchorages in 3 locations depending on wind angle and swell. The Princess group has no shelter but exceptional fishing and usally fished with drifts giving exceptional jigging and live baiting producing great kingi action. Just a under a mile off the Islands are huge tidal swills and produces marlin fishing right up close to the cliffs. 

Further North off the King Bank lies the Goadby Bank and is world renowned as the best Swordfishing to offer. This is bank that runs off the 3 kings ridge that protrudes 100 miles North. 

Capt Rob Obren has two vessels to fish the Three Kings this season with his own sportfisher "Monterey" and the super luxury "Bucket List"

Both sportfishers provide the highest of fishing performance with the luxury level to suit your budget. Contact us to discuss your trip!

"Monterey",  fishing the Three kings banks and Islands for up to 4 anglers at a cost effective price while giving you the very best fishing action and skills provided by this truly professional crew that have been fishing the 3 kings for the last 20 years. This boat is owned by us and fishes heavy to light tackle for the Marlin, kingfish,Hapuka and Bass. This vessel allows the three kings fisheries access for the smaller group at a great rate. 

"Bucket List", When fishing this vessel at the 3 Kings you are truly offered a  5 star fishing machine with this magnificent 75ft sport fishing Catamaran that has performance and luxury with the skill of  "Capt Rob Obren" and his professional crew. These boys fish this boat well and can give up to 8 fishos the very best experience that can be offered to any angler wanting to chase the species at the 3 kings Islands. This is by far the best boat fishing the Kings and offering true luxury and  peak fishing performance.

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